Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On the Blog: 2011/2012 Fantasy Premier League, A New Perspective?

New champion please...
The new Fantasy Premier League is now open for managers...Interesting prices and players list...FPL Official Page...Can You Kick This?...Here comes a simple easy to understand review on the current (2011/2012 Season) rule changes...

1) No more unpredictable emergency captain
The new FPL introduces us a fix as u get captain and vice captain selection and you are done; If both do not play in that particular week, so be it; Zero points, no (accidental) double whatsoever; Its easy as that;

2) Free kick ala penalty?
Same with the penalty rule last time; Whenever somebody is fouled and then somebody else take the free kick which resulting to a goal, so the fallen guy get an assist; Sweet, isn't it?;

3) Index by EA Sports
Now, the bonus allocation process is based on what we called EA Sports Player Performance Index; So, no bonus darlings ie Adam, Lampard, Nani etc?; Who knows, a true blue new challenge!; Some says it will all depend on stats like completed passes, goal attempts and  etc. etc. etc.; I'm not too sure;

4) A bonus tie
And they are introducing a tie for bonus; The idea is if there is a tie in either three points (3,2 & 1) for the three players, only two players can get the same amount of point; Obvious cases are 3,3,1 (1st player tie) or 3,2,2 (2nd player tie)or the not so typical 3,2,1,1 (3rd player tie); Do you get me?;

5) Late Conclusion
Bonus allocation on the final points will only be completed as early as Monday after all games completed; No more false lead in store in the mini leagues I believe; Good one!; Good luck guys;

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  1. I like new option : Vice-Captain as you said no more accidental capten .. Thanks