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On the Forecast: Gameweek 38

Pondering the future...from bad to worse
First we look on the recap of the current events in no chronological order:-

- Devils championed - Hammers dropped - No. 2 belong to Chelsea - 5 relegation fodders to fight it out in the final D-day - 3rd, 4th and 5th are out for grabs - Noisy neighbor City got the FA Cup - Stoke confirmed going to Europe - New 2011/12 contenders are QPR & Norwich City, waiting for the final entry (Swansea vs Reading) -

PS: Freak result last weekend as I managed to get the first eight matches wrong in my IKTS but still spot on on the 3-2 Wigan win and put a bonus token on it; Positive result nevertheless; Freakishly freaky indeed:D

Its very sad to come to the final EPL week as the season concludes; Sorry for the lack of posts as my life commitments seemed to taking its toll in the second half of the season but I managed to provide weekly dose of predictions to keep you up and running; This weekly forecast, I would like to categorize the matches in four distinctively categories to assist you in your final transfers of the season; Here goes:-

Best friends gunning for the top

Destiny in hands

Unfaithful Tevez is on the quest for the golden boot after equalling Berbatov goals in midweek - City need to win this to grab the final automatic entry to Champs League - Or else, dissapointing Arsenal to leapfrog them with their own win - Final game for Sturridge to further prove his potential - Bolton have done enough this season for their respectable position and would want to cherrish their fans with a spirited fight - A tight win for the noisy neighbor

A totally unexpected crushing of the Reds by the Lilywhites last weekend made them the frontrunner for the last European spot - While defensively strong at home Brums losing the plot at home against Fulham to make their survival even tougher - Bad news for Foster & Co. as Spurs are unbeaten in six home matches and Brums have recorded four away losses in a row - Honestly I fear for the Carling Cup winner - Modric to hog the points as VDV looks to have ruled himself out - Spurs to go to Europe in style

No chance!...I'm going up
Do or die

Berbatov will be featured in a personal mission to score with every opportunity in the 2nd string United - Blackpool are planning a famous escape at the Old Trafford where the home team are unbeatable this season - Play your CAdam & DJCampbell without fear in the typical gung-ho attacking style as I don't expect Devils to keep a clean sheet also - For sure they will be missed if they are dropped - A tight United win with the additional thriller in store

Wigan will be relying on Nzog, Yayga & Co. to step out and be counted in their do or die mission - No points and you are out - Fortunately for them, this is the best time to visit the Brittania to face the tired legs of Stoke - Since five games ago, I personally feel that they are too good to go down with the kind manager and the quality that they have - For the final time this season, I reckon Wigan to again escape from the deadly drop

Wolves were just experiencing their rare and first back to back wins this season to be fully control of their destiny - While Blackburn must be feeling regret in sacking Allardyce when they are in good position compared to the current - SFletcher are scoring five goals in as many games while Rovers are depending too much on their youngsters and Chris Samba - They are not doing enough for the remaining half of the season while undeniably the United draw was an astonishing feat - Poor Blackburn to rely on others while Wolves escape the drop
Swapping places...Who has the last laugh now Pool?

Fate on others

Liverpool sudden loss after encouraging form put them in a brink of no European assignment next season - Suarez & Co need to register a win away from home and rely on Spurs result to put them through - Very tough indeed as the Villains just put a sword on the Gunners to record a handsome win at the Emirates - Can Liverpool target, AYoung lend a helping hand? - DBent may has other ideas though, remember his beach ball goal anyone?;D - A draw seems the likely result

Uninterested Arsenal have to rediscover their vanishing winning mentality in this London derby to put a pressure on City for the 'themselves to blame' third spot - The Cottage was Fulham's fortress until Liverpool crushed them 5-2 but they were not playing bad either in that particular game - But still Dempsey and friends punished 'defensively strong at home' Brums to end their season on a high note - Sorry Arsenal, they have themselves to blame (2nd time mentioning) and have their preseason cut off for the Champs League qualifier - Tough time ahead for Mr Wenger after drawing this

Tangerines will be missed if that thing happens


2nd & 7th position are theirs for Chelsea & Everton respectively - Not much to play for and expect fringe players to play here especially Torres - Poor Drogba, he deserved to play though - I expect Everton to introduce their youngsters (especially Rodwell) at the same time luring the big clubs in the summer - Highscoring draw, 2-2 most probably

Baggies playing inside Magpies nest aka St James Park - Both are rich in form at the moment - News mentioned West Brom are planning to start their youngsters - Report suggests that Odemwingie will not be playing his final game, his fantasy signing is a must next season - Handsome Newcastle victory

Hammers are planning to start life in the Championship on a higher note for their last home game - Their best players (Parker, Hitzs, Ba, Noble & Green) should start this one - Very unlikely for the wasting high-earners especially Robbo Keane - Everybody can play for injury-ravaged Black Cats these days - West Ham farewell win

Conclusively based on the predictions, the additional two relegated team will be Birmingham & Blackpool while Spurs & the blue Manchester grabbing the Europa League place and automatic Champions League entry respectively

Finally, I would like to thank all the fantasy managers around the world for keeping with me in this blog on my breakthrough season; Upgrade plans or improvement are certainly on the cards for next season and do support the site for the upcoming edition of 2011/2012; Good luck and see you next time

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