Friday, September 30, 2011

On the Forecast: Gameweek 7

It will be a cracker
Don't Trust Derbies


Expect a cracking match as both Merseysiders are fully rested in midweek. Everton almost disrupt City rhythm last time out while Pool are getting back into form after back to back defeats. Everybody expect Suarez & Adam to score big but dont be surprised if the goals coming from the defense though ie Jagielka & Baines. Please be wary on Toffees secret weapon, Royston Drenthe. I guess its a draw here and no clean sheet please.

Current form sees Spurs & Arsenal are having a contrasting turn of events. Only two players (Adebayor & Parker) needed to get back on track with the addition of fit-again Van Der Vaart and once again settled Modric, their ammunition are fully loaded. Meanwhile, two good things for to the Gunners are Van Persie finding his form (albeit needed a red card to assist him) and Ramsey is getting pretty good with Arteta beside him. They are still not convincing defensive-wise and a lot of players are possibly out injured. Seems like a good time to face them eh, Mr Redknapp?. Just put all attacking players from both side and hope for a miracle. Realistically, Spurs have a lot of advantage in their own backyard.

Not so famous London derby pitted a new-look QPR against a very resilient Fulham especially at The Cottage. Let's put the facts straight, first Gers are increasingly hard to beat with their only recorded two wins were away, Fulham never lost at home yet but still winless, QPR midfield look rejuvenated with the new signings, the home team maybe a bit tired after a short trip to Denmark and their defense is unpredictable still. I guess its a fourth draw then but I reckon Fulham to get the long-anticipated first win.

False hope???
Draw or Else


These four matches could possibly end with a draw. Wigan are off-form but they're still capable to score the odd goal, the Baggies are looking to get the edge but still not enough while playing away after an European assignment may prove too much for Stoke. Villa & Swans impressive home form are respectable but lack of bite and Newcastle unbeaten form could punish improving Wolves with their water tight defense. Sunderland is Sunderland, fast becoming a yo-yo club. Advantage is on the form teams obviously.

Lurking in the wings
Midweek Banker


Aforementioned matchups are most likely the source of your captain material. Famous pick will be Aguero & Nani with the most favourable opponents but dont forget Chelsea's upcoming and rising candidates including Ramires, Mata, Drog and even out of form Lampard. Just keep in mind the most in-form team of the three predicted losers is Norwich who are just recorded back to back wins (Caution on Nani and Welbeck) while Bolton are the worse bunch with five straight losses. On paper, Blackburn are looking a very delicious dish for the Championship-hungry City. Good luck and see you next two weeks guys. (Note: 2-weeks international break)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

On the Forecast: Gameweek 6

They have the quality
I take a quick shot on this week preview as I've been busy lately...Here we go guys:-

MANC vs EVE - Facing Bayern away must be in City minds against a tough-tackling undefeated in three Toffees - A home win is a must!;

ARS vs BOL - Bad fixtures may be the root cause for Trotters demise but not so rejuvenated Gunners are badly need result after the third loss of the season - Not another shocker losing at home rite;

CHE vs SWA - Mata Torres partnership may explode here but Swans have the potential of not sitting back and attack at will - Trend goes for a home drubbing but I guess the margin will not be more than 2;

LIV vs WOL - Pool loss of form are perplexing with all their new signings but after two heavy losses at home, Wolves might reconsider their premiership survival - Anfield advantage is so obvious;

NEW vs BLA - Rovers will again apply their over defensive tactic on the road against the tightest defense in the league, offensive maybe the best defense though - A probable draw but I go for a home victory;
I like the potential of this Rovers Junior speedster
WBA vs FUL - The record say it all with one win and four losses in the bag against impressive outfit Cottagers who are still winless in five - I'm hoping for an all out attack for both sides to cancel each other out;

WIG vs TOT - Spurs are getting some form from new acquisitions specifically and just bear in mind a compact Wigan are no mere pushovers at home - I dont expect another Adebayor drubbing but the resistance is there;

STO vs MANU - Stoke maybe too focusing on Europe but inside The Brittania is a different matter against the free-scoring devastating United side - The rich in form will carry the defending champion to a definitive result;

QPR vs AST - This is one hell of a matchup, both defensively assembled and attacking wise they will have no problem in scoring except for the two familiar blokes, Bent & Nzog - I expect QPR to score but no loss for Villa so its a draw then;

NOR vs SUN - Black Cats must be on a high after scoring for fun last time out but can they slaughter the Canaries who look very different with a bunch of new faces - A very tight match which can go either way, I hope its the away team;

Friday, September 16, 2011

On the Forecast: Gameweek 5

Who's the best marksman?
Gameweek 5 Two-Liners (Ranking are based on the expected performance);



BLA - Managed to get their first point on away assignment, defense is improving thanks to Scott Dann and not short of attackers which are threatening especially at home;

ARS - VPersie may have Gervinho back into the side, the spine of the team is looking to get in shape but don't expect a big drubbing like last season;

Prediction - A tight Gunners win;


FUL - Fluid and very tight at home, Dempsey's attacking quality may diminish if he plays too deep and Zamora is getting to his best;

MANC - No problem in scoring, defense extremely strong, Silva looks the best bet for all occasion and expect the striking dilemma to continue;

Prediction - Tougher resistance albeit another away win;


BOL - Now famously known to attack but still three losses in the row, the consensus is don't too rely on the defenders even though free-scoring Cahill is there;

NOR - Record shows they are playing much better away regardless of results (2 losses, 2 draws), have to trim down the defensive error while improving the supply lines for the monstrous Holt;

Prediction - Trotters to win 3-2;

Dzeko could also play either role of getting subbed


MANU - Getting Roon is essential but not captaining him is looking to be more disastrous, goals and assists come from everywhere (beware of whoever playing the wingbacks) in the Theater of Dreams;

CHE - Mata, Sturridge, Meireles and even Torres are looking to impress AVB here, admirable team depth and they don't have Arsenal's early season problem mind you;

Prediction - A draw is the likely result but you may go for a home win if Rooney is your captain though;


TOT - I hope Adebayor will be crisis-free to maintain his form, no issue on Parker marshaling the engine room while I'm still waiting Bale to come to life;

LIV - After two games we can say that Pool are too reliant on Suarez more than other signings, Carroll is nowhere to be seen and defensively they need to fill the gap seriously;

Prediction - End to end action which ended with a draw;


EVE - They need to start scoring from anywhere other than Baines and likewise Baines need to be healthy for them but the upcoming fixtures are nightmarish scary I tell you;

WIG - They surely not getting relegated (Are they?) but with a respectable backline in store, all they need to do is to turn on the scoring mode, that's all;

Prediction - Wigan can only get a draw here;


WOL - Unexpectedly, they look ordinary without Jarvis (or Spurs are too good), need to take full advantage of the home ground more seriously and complacency is intolerable;

QPR - Famous signings trying to play together and trying to get the first win (can they?) but unmistakably I do feel they are on the right track, Barton's as captain is a masterclass tactic by the manager;

Prediction - QPR to get something away;

Anticipating the fourth loss???


AST - Agbonlahor is looking to produce more than Bent (but dont give up yet!) but fantasy-wise Nzog is looking more unappealing day by day, obviously they are exceptionally tight at home;

NEW - With the best start of the season, first their quality lies particularly in their defense and second is their unrecognisable/unproven set of striker who are waiting to explode, I bet you want to play Simpson this week!;

Prediction - Draw boring draw;


SUN - Time is not on Steve Bruce's side to get the things going, Bendtner has to do better for the real recognition, winless at home this season, for sure not another loss right?;

STK - A totally dark horse up to gameweek 4 with resolute defenders, defensive shielding by midfielders and a trio of beanpole head-bangers (beanpole may apply to Crouch only), that's compact man;

Prediction - Interesting matchup to slug it out, they maybe satisfied with one point;


SWA - Maybe this weekend is the day they score the first goal of the season, the real value comes from the middle and wingbacks while the strikeforce still toothless but the home advantage still count though;

WBA - The Hodgson's ultra defensive mold is getting into completion, offensively balance upfront especially the introduction of Odemwingie but as I said before, their unpredictability is dangerous;

Prediction - Swans's first goal this weekend but Brums may left with full points;

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

On the Recap: GW4 Quickie(s)

Might somewhat related to his hair I guess
Based on the current premiership table order:-

Top Four
MANU - Captain Rooney is imminent;
MANC - You bet Dzeko hattrick is coming next;
CHE - Sturridge, the future star is born;
NEW - Exceptionally good defense, bad offense;

Europa Spots
STK - I said it again, beware of them;
LIV - Where is Sebastian Coates?;

The Rest
WOL - Hopeless without Jarvis;
AST - Famous faces outperformed;
WIG - Not exactly a loser with the penalty save;
EVE - Can only rely for Baines's points;

QPR - Needing time to gel, SWP was dangerous;
ARS - Same as above, Gervinho is back;
WBA - Looking to be Stoke Mach 2;

BOL - Playing defensively at home is a mistake;
TOT - Successful debutants triggering the potential;
SUN - Gyan's loss will be painful for them;
NOR - Midfield need to get creative;

Relegation threatened
FUL - New signing may affected the flow;
SWA - Still impressive even with the costly impressive error;
BLA - Defense is improving but still unreliable;

Wait for the GW5 forecast next!; Do you agree with me???

Friday, September 9, 2011

On the Forecast: Gameweek 4

Emergency Package...

Nice fixtures from now onwards - Big names in defense eager to impress as Verm crocked again - Swans still fail to find the net - Those who look likely to score are their wingers - Vorm is massive but dont expect them to get anything here - Winning mentality to resume


Free scoring City are taking advantage of the Nasri effect - Rotation issue might be the problem here - Champs League just around the corner - Wigan vs top-four result was quite good last year - Just found their scoring touch but very blunt on away assignment - Obviously a City victory


Bolton is not known for their defense - Bolton love of loaning youngsters may prove fruitful - As expected, United will more or less keep the momentum - Definitely able to score while defense are still unproven - Everybody will be very afraid after the last explosive drubbing - An away win with no clean sheet

The return of the king?

Bendtner will be straight in after an international brace - The whole new team may need some time to gel - Chelsea attack are still looking uninspired especially the 50million pound man - The only reliable point scoring machine is the free running Bosingwa - Chelsea ugly win if Mata plays


Surprisingly Stoke can grind an away result - New signings (Crouch, Jerome, Palacios) will make them even sterner - Never underestimate Brittania advantage - I bet Suarez will take the set pieces if Adam is out - Pressure as a title challenger may prove beneficial - 1-1 the score it is


Surprise package of the season right now - New team mates and old players are looking to gel & play some attractive football - Spurs are having too much quality as the last hammering seems like a blip - With no VDV, Bale will be released and Adebayor to be unleashed - Another action packed stalemate


Canaries looked like a solid outfit against Chelsea - Their wing play and Holt as a target man were impressive indeed - Home advantage may be crucial - Defensive minded Brums surprisingly loss at home worries me - Badly need Mr Odemwingie - A very-very tight draw

Can he fulfill his potential (again)?

Uncertainties in playing time for Fulham's famous fantasy signing - Dempsey may play an attacking role yet again - Poor Rovers desperately need to get back on track especially with the Scott Dann signing - Current form is the fault on the manager rather than the players - Comfortable home win at the Cottage


Former Madrid flop/superstar Royston Drenthe is an interesting acquisition - There are still doing the hard way to get result aka early season syndrome - Stubborn Villa will stubbornly play this kind of game - Maybe and a big maybe Nzog can get the things going without Bent - Reluctantly predict a draw again, yawn


Wright Philips is eyeing a free role - Triple defensive signings to perform with the occasional bad-boy Barton taking his old team mates - Magpies imperious defense to be further strengthen with the arrival of Santon - Unknown set of strikers look to be the surprise package for unexpected opponents - A draw yet again, am I too predictable? - Fingers crossed and good luck to all and hoping for another 8-2 scoreline maybe, not in  million years:D