Saturday, May 14, 2011

On the Forecast: Gameweek 37

They have been there before

On the Recap: Midweek Conclusions

Champions Elected...Done & dusted; United just need one more point from the Blacks duo (Pool & Rovers) to record a 19th premier league title champion; What can we expect next is 2nd string lineup!;  So don't sell your Nanis, Berbatovs & Smallings yet;

Ancelotti's Doomed...No cup to show this season means that you are out; 50 million pound down the drain contrasting to what King Kenny do with the money and suddenly they're in Europe; Marvelous; 

Gunned Down...Loss of interest for Gunners after presenting Chelsea a half decent chance for the title; Players exodus are expected with rumors circulating a 20million pound Jose Reina; Realistically can be outrun by Manchester City for the third place if careless; Wenger has a tough job to motivate his uniterested boys;

Happy Citizen...The multimillion side are going to Champs League and nobody can stop them; No issue on Stoke volunatary loss to City this week to go to Europe themselves; As promised, I would highlight some of the 'FA Cup winner go to Europe' issue;

Before a loss and a draw last gameweek, Spurs claimed that if City don't get the last Champions league place (fourth via play off) by then, Stoke will let City beat them in order for them to get to Europe in the expense of Harry's men; FA Cup winner is guaranteed a place in Europa league, the conclusion is now that Stoke will get the European spot regardless of the Cup final result this weekend; Another bad news for Harry as Liverpool look poised to beat the hell out of them for the last European spot as the remaining two spots go to Birmingham and Stoke; Spurs current form are relegation form to be honest, they did not took their chances, end of story;

Survival Game...Based on current result, I would say Hammers look doomed; My honest prediction is Blackpool and Blackburn will join them; Fingers crossed ;D;

Old school vs classy, plotting the downfall

On the Forecast: The Second Final Weekend

WIG vs WHAM - Survival of the fittest; Winner grabs all on the penultimate fixture; In comparison, based on current performance and the home advantage, its not hard to suggest that why everybody would choose Wigan to smash and grab the points this weekend; Hammers could only rely on Hitzslperger after their plethora of strikers are wasting chances after chances; Nzog  is your obvious points magnet (albeit not fully fit) plus Rodalega; Its very sad to see they are dropping but they are not taking their chances too serious; Sorry Hammers for the loss;

MANC vs STK - FA Cup finalists ironically facing each other after their final on Sunday in creating a new history; For the final itself honestly both teams have a fair chance to win it regardless of the value of the team, the players wages and the undeniable quality; But neutrals would love to see Potters to win this (ala Birmingham)to further emphasize that money could not buy success, hardwork is; My obvious guess is City to win the cup but still deep in my heart I would love Stoke to get it; Whatever the result on the glorious Sunday,  both to get a bit relax and draw their game;

BLA vs MANU - United 2nd string will be too much for the Venky's outfit; United just need one point and Rovers might voluntarily give it; Survival versus Championship battle; A true champion should win this kind of game; Away win;

BLP vs BOL - Bolton away form remain awful eventhough they were narrowly lost at home against injury ravaged Sunderland; Blackpool should have no problem scoring at home and also narrowly draw at the White Hart Lane; Charlie Adam will again the focal point here; A 2-2 result;

Pressure intensify, tempers will flare

SUN vs WOL - Wolves are precariously one point from the drop zone and need a bit more to survive; The Black cats unexpectedly play well despite it was away from home; Home + Injuries versus Survival Quest; I guess it will be a draw then;

WBA vs EVE - Both are safe and and high on form at the moment; Your form men are absolutely Odem and Baines; The only realistic target is improving the table position in order to get the biggest pay from the league; Another high-octane draw; 

CHE vs NEW - Will Torres start instead of Drog?; The title was too far to reach eventhough they are realistically in the hunt if United lose (In your dreams!); Injury-prone Newcastle will most probably take it easy especially at the fortress Bridge; Record shows that the host will be too much for them; A nice win;

ARS vs AST - After losing to Stoke, Gunners suddenly need to win this match to protect their third place from impressive City; wenger's has a lot to do in motivating his out of steam troop; Villa typical all out attack may cause some trouble to the leaky backline; A tight win for the home team;

BIR vs FUL - Relegation form for Brums after winless in four games while Fulham just got defeated inside their home since ages; Motivation is on Birmingham to escape the relegation threat though; Brums famous for their defense while Cottagers are famous in their attacking lineup; No clean sheet is expected here; Home win for impressive BFoster; He deserved it:D;

LIV vs TOT - The last Europa League spot are up for grab and what an interesting game we have here; Attacking are their forte but Spurs backline are more fragile than Reds; The likes of Suarez, Kuyt & Maxi are huge favourites to replicate previous performance but just beware of chasing last points; For sure this one will not be goalless; Reds to win it in the expense of the Lilywhites;

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