Thursday, April 14, 2011

On the Recap: Midweek Formality

The all too familiar heartbreak
The anticipated Champions League semi finals feel like a formality as no real miracle happens on the midweek; I really hope for Spurs miraculous comeback to be honest but the hurdle seemed to high; Some highlights & happenings on the European scene and English Premier League:-

- Same old story with Nando, play first, substituted, Drogba came in and scores but still Chelsea think that he need to be replaced due to his age; We'll see about El Nino at the end of the season; A major overhaul is expected for next season for the aging Blues and Carlo might go back to Italy;

- A loss is still a loss and surprisingly humble United now facing a treble prospect ala Wenger's 2011 new year resolution; Former strike partner, Rooney & Tevez are both unavailable in their Manchester derby aka FA Cup semis this upcoming weekend before Devils visit the Magpies on the midweek; Blank fixture for City though;

- No fairytale ending for Spurs as Gomes howler put Madrid in full control courtesy of our former fantasy starlet CR7; Spurs are currently neck to neck with City & Chelsea in their quest for Europe; They will face a threat of their stars exodus unless Champs League place is assured; Cracking weeks ahead!;

Let's go back home...together?

Gameweek 32 Action

- All bottom three teams lost and Wigan were the only team who played better - West Ham & Wolves looked hopeless - As predicted, Brum and Rovers shared the spoils -

The climber of the week is none other than Hodgson's men who climbed to the top ten in a matter of weeks with unbeaten record still intact -

Villa recorded a rare long-lost clean sheet and Bent was still impressive without scoring - Mid table top performer were the two Merseysiders and Sturridge's Bolton - Such a pity for him to go back to Chelsea -

When everyone banking on Suarez, Carroll registered his arrival in such a style -  I believe Suarez hat trick will be coming soon;D -

Manchester 'Craving too much on FA Cup' City galacticos were just lost and jaded - Too inconsistent for a champion material maybe - The Sheikhs might start by removing Mancini though -

Fulham acknowledged their loss the unimpressive but effective United - Caution that Nani might be put into action only for the home matches! - Their fate is in their own hands and there is a concrete reason to believe that nobody will stop them -

Gunners reinstated their intent on the championship with a laboured win but defensively they still leaky - Lehmann almost refreshed our memories to the doomed night of 2006 Champions League final by catching somebody legs - Realistically, they still in the running - Wait till you know the result with Liverpool this weekend -

Chelsea only best player and deserve the bonus was David Luiz - If not for his European ineligibility, they will not facing a back to back defeat against the table front runner - El Nino inability to score is the real case obviously -

Fixtures summary:-

GW33 Doublers : Gunners, Chelsea & Birmingham
GW33 Blank & GW34 Doublers : Stoke, Wolves, Fulham & Bolton
GW33 Blank : Manchester City

Stay tuned for GW34 On the Forecast...

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