Sunday, February 27, 2011

On the Recap: Saturday Drubbings

Is it the right time to get him?
Five games past and so far only Everton result was way off the mark...Magpies draw, check...Villa, United, Wolves were victorious as predicted...Here's some interesting notes for Saturday games;

- All the winning teams scored at least four with only Villa conceding;

- Since Wigan never defeated United, The Red Devils are now their bogey team;

- Chicharito was more than capable as Berbs deputy with some delicious two goals; Why on earth that I forgot about him?;D; But Rooney indeed the obvious transfer with goal and assist a piece;

- Elmander still in the lineup while Sturridge seemed the only one bringing his scoring boots for Bolton;

- Goals flowing from left and right for Villa as both flanks (Young & Downing) buried sorry Rovers;

- CAdam was such a loss for Blackpool as they were humbled by Wolves; Blame it on DJCampbell! (red card;

- Former Trotters Nolan scored for ten men Newcastle without the missing in action JBarton; 

- Sunderland kept their losing streak in tact as rejuvenated Everton & Beckford brace concluded the tie;

- ***Latest***Smalling transfer for Kelly (previously doubtful) looked an inspirational one for me as Liverpool are currently two goals down away to The Hammers at half time;

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