Monday, September 5, 2011

On the Recap: GW3 New Resolutions?

The 'real' solution has arrived
These points will make or break your season. Beware!...You have been warned...

a) Nasri arrival may effect Silva's output (interestingly Silva had no assists since GW1);

b) Taarabt only suitable playing down below (not justified with all QPR's new guys);

c) Arsenal's new signing (ParkCY) already makes his move (scoring a hattrick in WC qualifier);

d) Beware or always be wary of Stoke;

e) Tevez will surely disrupt the City frontline (same with others if they are starting to get busy);

f) Everybody thinks that Arteta is a sure starter while Benayoun is not;

g) Anybody dares to wait on Torres time-bomb? (Patience is running out for Nzog also);

h) Malouda looks to be unfavoured while Hilario no-go was justified enough;

g) Baines becomes the only massively influenced kicks taking (expensive) defender in EPL;

h) Unexpectedly, Fulham's defense and offense are becoming hard to guess;

i) I'm not telling you anything regarding certain blokes such as Rooney, AYoung & Dzeko;

j) Fancy some proven old timer? Mr. Adebayor with no VDV;

k) For those who are not playing for values aka wildcarding (like me), the way forward will be the international injuries and fixtures factor;

l) Something worth noting: Our former fantasy darling Fabregas has won two cups by scoring three goals in three games including in the recent international, that's a little harsh don't you think?;

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  1. It will be very interesting to see how Mancini lines up in the next few games. Whether he sticks with Dzeko and also how Nasri and Silva work in tandem. It could very well work out well for both in Fantasy terms.