Thursday, December 30, 2010

On the Recap: Thursday Blues

Red is the favourite colour nowadays

Remaining GW20 Snapshots

- Defending Champion finally won a game against predictable Bolton;

- Malouda scored with another Drogba's assist, please don't sell him yet;

- Gunners haven't learned to beat ordinary opposition aka boogie team;

- Nzogbia became the fifth player to be sent off in four days and now I have to do a force transfer;

- Congratulations if your captain goes to Nasri (played for 7 minutes) after both Nani and Tevez did not play;

- Sad story for Liverpool with the second loss at home against 'previously beaten at home' Wolves, complacency alert;

- Liverpool registered two consecutive losses, I dont know why they can beat Chelsea;

- Double gameweeks in the horizon for the Pools;

- Blackpool got two home games & Liverpool have two away, I don't want to trust Liverpool defense again; 

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