Friday, December 31, 2010

On the Forecast: Gameweek 21 & 22

Not sure of the same effect if those two upfront
Another double header preview for GW21 & 22. Managers, behold...:-

Should Nick These
CHE vs AST, @WOL - Ancelotti's men are relishing to face 'no win in two' Villa to register their second win on the trot; Wolves proved their quality against Pool but their chance can be considered slim against the defending champion; After two consecutive assists, goal from Drogba is not far away.

MANU @WBA, vs STK - The title favourite stumbled at Birmingham and facing another Birmingham outfit who just lost at home to Rovers, a win is expected but both defenses are expected to concede, I presumed; Stoke are fast becoming a yoyo team but Old Trafford is a fortress.

Win Some, Lose Some
AST @CHE, vs SUN - I don't know when Villa will recover but they can only hope for a draw at The Bridge; Villa can take advantage of Sunderland away form but The Black Cats are no pushover on the road; Good luck for the New Year, Mr Houllier.

BIR vs ARS, @BLP - Holding United at home was another feat and Arsenal better unleash their star men to avoid the same fate; A thriller is expected for those facing Blackpool but I like to go with the underdog; Good luck with the Gunners, Brums.

BLA @SUN, vs LIV - Lost at home and suddenly won away, not sure what they will do next for the chicken team; One thing for sure, their set piece taker will be all over the place and expect the other Diouf to pounce in; On current form, having Liverpool at home is no longer a mounting task; Sorry Liverpool.

BOL @LIV, vs WIG - Attacking style of Bolton still evident after narrowly lost to Chelsea and they have a fair chance at Liverpool; Facing another attacking outfit (Wigan) is unpredictable but home advantage is very crucial to them; Defense will concede though.

EVE @STK, vs TOT - Last game for header specialist Cahill before flying to Qatar; Recent result shows that these fixtures will most probably draw but I go for one win and a draw; Again, I will give you the opportunity to guess which one;D; Typical price rise for Coleman after he scored, predictable.

FUL @TOT, vs WBA - Honestly speaking I expect them to lose at Spurs and win at home; Unexpectedly registered a convincing away win, they can only hope for a draw at Spurs; West Brom is a different prospect altogether and expect another midweek thriller.

NEW @WIG, vs WHAM - Still a learning curve for the new manager but they have a fair opportunity to pounce on these; Just wary with a Nzogbia-less Wigan and the rise of the Hammers; Play your Carroll and Barton but no defense please.

Too good for Wigan but too 'Clever'ley for United

SUN vs BLA, @AST - Two winnable fixtures for unlucky Sunderland last time out; I don't expect clean sheet to continue but with three on form strikers they are capable to win one of these; Nonetheless, I have to play their defense this week due short of alternatives; The Blackpool slump may be temporary.

MANC vs BLP, @ARS - They are expected to score big against Blackpool after slaughtering Villa but I doubt they will brush them off easily; The Tangerines away form was outstanding and they managed to win at Sunderland without their talisman (Charlie Adam); Revenge is on their mind against Arsenal after humiliating home loss last time out; High hopes for the title aspiration if they win at The Emirates.

TOT vs FUL, @EVE - I have a hunch VDV will slow down after scoring two last weekend, that's why I choose Tevez as captain (Unexpectedly my cap goes to Tschoyi); Their form is better than other title contenders and very strong outfit at home; Midfield battle is expected at The Goodison and they will be glad there is no Cahill this time.

WHAM vs WOL, @NEW - Relegation six-pointer against unpredictable Wolves; Whoever win this expected thriller will most probably be in the premiership next season; They need a little bit of effort to dispose Newcastle but everybody is afraid to go to St James Park; They can only hope for a draw there, fingers crossed.

WIG vs NEW, @BOL - Losing bonus magnet Nzogbia will be a test to their premiership status; They are not a team to go down and have a lot of attacking outlets to rely to; I bet for one win and a loss but not sure which one, its anybody guess; Tom Cleverley to attract Nzogbia bonus points.

Tough Ordeal
ARS @BIR, vs MANC - Another pair of unattractive matches for The Gunners but they performed against Chelsea but predictable points drop at Wigan; Their rotating players are such a headache but the big guns are set to be unleashed; Even a win and a draw a tough task for them.

Can both recover their form back???

STK vs EVE, @MANU - After impressive away win and another impressive home loss, Stoke look to bounce back against two consistent rivals; Not an easy assignment for The Potters and I see no win for both, I maybe wrong but its a realistic assessment.

WBA vs MANU, @FUL - They are losing the winning mentality and it should further be tested with a visit by undefeated United; They can probably hope for a high scoring draw against United and ride their luck against Fulham to get any result other than a loss.

WOL @WHAM, vs CHE - A win at West Ham is not a distant possibility after the Anfield victory; Relegation six-pointer at an away venue is always tough and even tougher when a wounded Chelsea come to visit; Either hold them out or win at West Ham, as simple as that.

Special Category
BLP @MANC, vs BIR & LIV - Blackpool have the better set of fixtures if you consider the double gameweeks cause both are at home; Surprisingly outstanding during their travel but not an easy opponent at home, they will get at least one win of these three; Transfer in these guys may benefit you or may crush you but it is a risk worth taking.

LIV vs BOL, @BLA & @BLP - A week rest and easy opponent (Wolves) but they still lost; I don't know what's wrong but it was easy to blame the manager; Record shows they only have a chance at home but against gung ho teams in their own turfs is a lot to ask for but I still think they will soon recover; Transfer at your own risk

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