Monday, August 15, 2011

On the Recap: Overrated Weekend GW1

You know who
The bonus points by EA is out...Very surprising indeed...We can detect some trend here...Link

Bonus Points Rumblings

- Best player on the pitch is not the bonus points darling ie Given, Moses
- Bad mistakes ie own goal or missed penalty may not affected the index, its the overall performance
- Some attacking wing backs and defensive midfielder who have an eye for a goal might benefit from the score
- Out of this world performance is needed for goalkeeper to get listed on the first page
- In terms of nil-nil scoreline (0-0), credit for defenders are a lot more than the keeper
- Creative players (any position) who creates for others may be the key to unlock the bonus code

As you all probably know, Official Fantasy Premier League has issued a statement that due to the major glitch in their website ans system during the weekend, they are introducing an extra wildcard this week to soften the complaints and dissatisfaction among the managers. Another significant rule tweak is admin for the private league can make a decision to start the point accumulation from Gameweek 2 ala H2H league where you can determine the starting week. Honestly, its a bless in disguise and I do feel for the managers who got it right on the first weekend. Give some credit to those who planned early!. I think I would decide not to reset the official fantasyonthego league or else we can have a poll. Please leave your comments if any. Here's the related statement by the Official FPL followed by the Gameweek 1 recap:- 

1. Receive unlimited transfers
No points will be deducted for any transfers you make up to the Gameweek 2 deadline (11:30 BST on Saturday 20th August 2011). If you have already made transfers and had points deducted, these will be restored to your overall total by midnight on Tuesday 16th August 2011. If you have already opted to play your wildcard, this too will be restored at the same time.

Wrong U-turn (Where Expectations Goes Unexpected)

- AVB not winning and Torres preferred than Drog 
- Liverpool draw the game they should win
- Defensively strong at home (in the Championship), not in the premiership for QPR 
- Tarrabt choice not justified (yet) same with Nzog
- All United first team defenders are out, Smalling & Jones to the rescue
- Penalty taker aka fantasy powerhouse Kuyt on the bench
- Suarez played, missed the penalty and get the full bonus
- Rodallega & Albrighton on the bench, overdefensive tactics?
- Aguero 30 minutes cameo produces a brace and an assist and next for top of the league face off 
- Gamble on Gervinho backfired, clear path for Chamakh
- Bolton scored 4 nil away with Chris Eagles orchestrated the proceeding
- Newcomer Norwich is the only one managed to get a point
- Barton, the bad guy is back
- Surprise to see Elmohamady in the first page of PPI Index
- Berbatov is now behind Welbeck after Rooney & Chicharito

Spot On Spotter (We Can See It Coming)

- No love for Bolton is due to their nightmare fixtures
- Nani chances were limited with Young availability
- Another De Gea blunder, their 2nd keeper might have a chance next
- Villa are tough to break again under McLeish; Agbonlahor, Bent & Heskey played together
- Stoke aggressive play, special recognition to newbie Woodgate
- RVP output diminished without the service of both Fab & Nasri; We need Wilshere 
- Charlie Adam is the new Gerrard, Henderson was substandard
- Swansea's indeed got hammered but put up a significant amount of passes, they can attack!
- Blackburn are not doing very well and then argues of not enough signing

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