Monday, February 14, 2011

On the Recap: Weekend Wonder

Will the real Mikel please stand up?
I totally agreed with; Form is temporary but class is permanent, that summed up Rooney's bicycle kick; It really proved that the Wolves lost was a blip and United can march to this season top unscathed; Poor Ancelotti, he already conceded defeat; Here's the recap;

- Arsenal comprehensive win, check; VPersie captain, check; Walcott misses, check; Barca preparation complete; check; FYI Barca drew with lowly Sporting Gijon; Now that's sweet said Arsene;D;

- We've been here before; Another version of money can buy success with the latest scalp of their local rival; Berbs keep getting out after scoring five and Nani was invincible, never bench him for whatever reason;D;

- The new Torres kept scoring goals nowadays; I am happy with Wigan resilience as they don't deserved to get relegated but Kenny is still the king nonetheless; The true test comes next for Wigan;

- Spurs & Bolton wins; I really didn't see this coming; Spurs second team were hungrier than defensively solid Sunderland; Everton spirit were rather lost against Daniel 'Third goal in third match' Sturridge Bolton; Everton can't rely on their flanks plus Cahill only, don't they?; Arteta was nowhere to be seen (his form of course);

- Tangerines couldn't take advantage with the extra man and received their first point in seven games; Better than nothing right?; But they still dangerously slipping the table; Makoun tackle was really dangerous & good boy CAdam got full bonus and no yellow;

- This one was a spot on, I quoted "Mediocre Steve Kean to guide them to a disappointing draw"; Nothing to say here, the only bright things was Jonas Gutierrez & Fabricio Collocini; They were the hungrier side; Special mention to Paul Robinson too;

- RHuth almost got a clean sheet plus bonus for me if not for the tower of Zigic even though I predicted a win for Brums;D; Martins still searching for his scoring boots while his replacement (CJerome) was a tactical masterstroke that lead to the winning goal;

- Another 'spot on' prediction for me; Newcastle vs Arsenal Mark II; Baggies wasted a three nil lead and the inspirational speech by Scott Parker rallied The Hammers to the unthinkable Mark II; Be afraid, be really afraid Hodgson; Very funny to pronounce, Demba Ba Brace:D;

- The action continues with the Blues new triumvirate tonight and Brums vs Magpies tomorrow; Long way to go to the end of GW27; Stay tuned;

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