Saturday, February 19, 2011

On the Recap: Saturday Roundup

The possible double header might be the title decider
No EPL forecast this week but we still have a single 'relegation six pointer' for us to digest; Here some of the quick updates regarding the premiership:-

- Identical away score for both English Europa League hopefuls; Liverpool & Manchester City scored a blank to take the score to their home turf; Its their to lose now;

- A very sweet revenge for Wenger boys against fancy Barca; It makes me wonder whether Fabregas still want to go to Nou Camp if Arsenal win the Champs League?;

- Wigan might be concentrating on the survival quest after surrendered tamely at home to Bolton; Bolton got another away ticket to Craven Cottage tomorrow for the only all premiership FA Cup matchup;

- New manager, new set of defense for West Brom; With Roy in the helm, some defensive stability is expected; They have the best chance against Wolves to begin with; I hope they survive;

- Some fantasy updates; We are facing another blank for the next gameweek if Chelsea win against Everton tonight (Latest***The current score is still goalless on the 70th minute) and United may not have the delicious double; Holding your transfers are advisable at this moment; Cheers ;D;

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