Wednesday, December 22, 2010

On the Recap: Monday Letdown

You are really a funny man...
So...Tevez is more or less the same as Mr Wayne 'Loyal' Rooney eh; Not surprising at all; Money & family, do they really matter to footballers?; We as 'the commoners' living a normal life sometimes have to accept that these people are being paid to be a spoilt brat a.k.a. drama queens for the worldwide entertainment; What a dull life for us if these primadonas are not around; Back to the Monday game...

Surprising result at Manchester as both teams record proved otherwise; City lost the opportunity to go top of the table for the first time in I'm not sure since when, quite long I think; Tim Cahill was the top performer with a goal, an assist and full bonus; Baines scored the second goal; Shocking for City as both goals scored inside the opening twenty minutes; Then they began to defend, Tim Howard in particular was resilience.

Remarkably, City registered a mind-blowing thirty three (33) shots and the only one got through was Yaya Toure deflection shot of Jagielka; Two players saw red (Kolo, Anichebe) and two players were injured (Jagielka, Balotelli); The outcome of Tevez was a disappointing two (2) and four (4) for those who captained him; Bad karma...truly bad, don't know what to expect next Carlitos!

Please do check the site new limited time feature (weather widget for England major cities) at the bottom of the page to assist us in our next transfer due to the unpredictable weather; For those who don't know the location of the match venues, do explore the United Kingdom map in the ExploreYour Derby page on the header bar here...

Latest mind-boggling EPL:-

- Blackburn got their new manager (previously assistant).

- Newcastle put Joey Barton on the transfer list, clash with the new boss maybe.

- The possible table topping clash of Chelsea & Manchester United could be in season ending month (May).

- This week Blackpool vs Liverpool in doubt already.

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